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Why I need a broker


A letter from Philip Kirstein:

“Like Spiderman… with the ability to cling to surfaces, a cat burglar scaled the vertical wall onto the balcony of my recently purchased first floor apartment and forced open a window,” says Philip Kirstein of Somerset West. He gives the following account: “Three weeks after moving in, I had the unfortunate experience of coming home after work, to a burgled home. It wasn’t a great feeling, as I guess a lot of South Africans already know. Immediately after the initial shock of violation and loss, I realised that I had forgotten to change my physical address for my insurance.  My situation had just gone from bad to worse. Brilliant!

“With today’s lifestyle, one always seems to be so busy and on the go. My admin is usually tiptop, but on this occasion, which I suppose could have happened to anyone, I unfortunately forgot to change my address before moving. This is where Thura Brokers came to the rescue, and luckily so, as the replacement value on the items stolen was beginning to pack a pretty penny.

“I have been with Thura Brokers for over ten years, throughout which their service has consistently been at an exceptional level.  Having a good relationship with both me, “the client”, and with the insurer, Thura Brokers was able to put a strong case forward on my behalf.  Being a claim that was over and above the conventional, the insurer could easily and legally have declined it. Thanks to Thura Brokers for going that extra mile. They provided my full client history spanning more than ten years to the insurer.  Thus, for Thura Brokers having a good relationship with both client and insurer, I was paid out in full within three weeks!

“Here’s to another ten plus great years with Thura Brokers!”